She is now in the 3rd place user of Fantage


Known for:

The nicest person in royalty, high level, one of the 10 original royalty people




Shery, Sherry, Cherry, Sherbear


December 21, 2009

Member of the week:

August 4, 2010

Hall of Fame:

Currently in 3rd place

xxsheryxx is a user in Fantage. She is still currently in the Hall of Fame in 14th Place and has reached level 2000.


Xxsheryxx joined Fantage on December 21, 2009, and no longer frequently plays. She usually used to enter inn Fanart, Comic, and Writer's Den contests and has all of the pets! Most people refer to her as the nicest person in all of the Hall of Fame (talk to her, and see for yourself) and a very hard worker. Her drawings, stories and comics are very interesting and have a unique genre. She was member of the week during August 2010. xxsheryxx says "If you want a high level, you need to earn it." That is totally true! The highest rank she has ever gotten to in the Hall of Fame is 2nd place and the Lowest Rank she has ever gotten in the Hall of Fame is 11th place. She is also one of the 10 original royalty people, which means she was one of the first ones to be in royalty when the Hall of Fame was released. 


xxsheryxx has a numerous amount of websites that you can visit. Here they are:

Extra DetailsEdit

  • She collected ALL pets! including the Holiday ones!
  • She has a level 50 1st place ribbon, level 10 2nd place ribbon, and level 14 participants ribbon!
  • She has a level 10 editors medal and level 20 writer's den medal
  • Known to be the nicest person
  • Original royal
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