Vintage gold

Vintage Gold on May 1st 2014.

Vintage Gold (formerly Vintage Classics) was a shop located in Uptown that focuses on selling retired items on Fantage. Vintage Gold was opened as Trade N' Sell was closed because of scamming occurring. Vintage Gold provided a simple and easy for Fantagians to buy retired items in a safe way. Vintage Gold has now been closed and replaced by Mymall.

Inner WorkingsEdit

Vintage Gold was ran by Victoria. The shop sells 4 retired items (items that are no longer sold in shops) everyday. The items include hairs, clothes, boards and accessories. Users are able to vote and search for items that they want appearing in Vintage Gold. No FGC items have been sold yet, but Fantage accidentally put one for sale during April 2014. Apparently, now Fantage is taking items from le Shop and selling them at Vintage Gold.


As the items are limited and retired, Vintage Gold often offers the items for more than the original costs in shops. An item could be around from 5,000 to 140,000 stars. And like every other shop, Vintage Gold allows the user to buy the items with stars and eCoins (prices in eCoins are usually half of stars). A few people complain about high prices, but it makes sense since the items are retired, or old.

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