Welcome to Fantage Information, This page Is for Information about users and Bloggers (: 1.Princess_Moomoo

Princess_Moomoo Joined fantage In 2010 and then quit In 2011 and rejoined In 2012 and then started the blog {Fantageville}

XchloeX: "Where did Moomoo get "Fantageville" from"?

Well, Chloe :Fantageville: is from Playing Zynga games on facebook and one of the games name was "Build-A-Bear-Ville" and She got "Fantage" from the Game "Fantage" :D

Giana193: "When did she start her blog?"

Giana, Princessmoomoo started blogging In January 27, 2012 

Reason: Quoting her "I created this blog on January 27, 2012, because I got extremely bored from just playing Fantage. Even before I created this blog, I found myself subconsciously storing tips in my head and thinking how to explain things to other users. I had already helped several people with events, and I figured that making a blog would be the perfect way to write down all those tips in an organized way and to help as many people as possible!"

KianFAN4LYFE: "What does she like best about blogging"?

Quoting her: "I love blogging because it’s a great way to improve my writing and online organizational skills. And also because, of course, I love helping people!"

Well, good for you Moomoo! 

Thank's for reading Part 1 of fantage INFORMATION!

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