"Rumors are rumors and nothing is true."


This makes me think of Evie, on this wiki.

She's saying all this stuff that I'm Fantagewikibot and spreading rumors about Glittery3. Nobody even said anything about her on this wiki besides that she's not famous. The only lie is that she's PSD's buddy. And she said I made a Glittery3 hate blog. It's probably too new because when I searched I can't find it. Who has time for hate blogs. Srsly.

I just deleted Glittery from my list fair and square because nothing in our friendship even seems real. She and her friends hate me so why even keep her and all she takes me to are her friends and just ignores me from there? These steps are too obvious. It's too fake.


edit: people (glittery and her friends) are also spreading rumors about me. they said i told her to quit, which is not true at all. who would quit just because someone said so anyway? that's a little too... naive? sort of... i need a better word..

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