Why I am writing about this

Well..I'll tell you the whole story. I was on YouTube, watching videos of drama series when a couple of YouTubers got into the topic of Pinkstardust. They were talking hatefully about how mean Pinkstardust is. Trust me, I've never met Pinkstardust before and I heard she's a mean person. Okay, I get that she's mean and that some users dislike her but is it a good thing to post swear language about her on YouTube? It's okay to say she's mean because truly she is and say you don't like her because you don't but don't swear! I'm quite tired of hearing people say rude stuff about her. Once I was on a blog and people were cussing about Pinkstardust so I said this:"Don't be surprised if an admin blocks you because your swearing and cussing on blogs, also, I don't know Pinkstardust very well and she doesn't know me either but I know she's mean by the way people say but just don't swear. Stop repeating the same message over and over and please be nicer to other users". They didn't stop like I told them to and they sweared even more, I don't care anymore about them because I quit that blog and started to go on some other places on the internet.

If you don't like Pinkstardust, I recommand people to don't say rude things to her, just block or ignore her or tell her politely that she's bothering you. If she doesn't listen just say okay and walk away. I'm not trying to be nosy about people's opinions, I just wanna stop the hate because it's ALWAYS going on when people mention 'Pinkstardust'. Also I've read some comments about Pinkstardust on the wiki.

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