• I live in Canada, British Columbia.
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is a sixth grader going to the seventh grade.
  • I am a girl.

My Fantastic FriendsEdit



.Gadget Guy 5



.Spectra Vondergeist Luv

.Superlady01(Alice Madness Returns)



.Solarius Balasar

.Kawaii Nerd

.Kanani 8



All About MeEdit

.I'm currently 11-years old.

.I'm a girl.

.I play Fantage everytime I go online.

.My favourite colors are purple, violet, and lavender. I love anything purplish.

.I adore fashion. I also love fashion designs.

.I do not appreciate haters who post negative comments and offend the admins because it's not a good thing and to people who think it's cool to do such things, I'll tell you: Offending people and being negative or any other things like that is not something you should be proud of and its not as cool as you think it is.

.I'm in Grade 6 at school.

.I'm from Canada but I'm Chinese. My province is British Columbia.

.I also go on Monster High Fandom Wiki, I Love MH Wiki, and Witch Fandom Wiki.

.I go on two fandom wikis because I enjoy creating characters and showing my best arts and talents.

.My fav Monster High character is Clawdeen Wolf because she's friendly, fierce, outgoing, very fashionable, and really nice. xD

How I Got into FantageEdit

I was at art class with my friend Chloe. She told me to check out Fantage. I didn't really wanna check out Fantage because I thought it was some kind of boring game little kids play. I couldn't be disloyal to her, she is my friend, after all. My very first site I ever went to was Kidscom. I checked out Fantage. My username was anitazen and I was on Safe Chat so yeah..It got boring because I couldn't chat with the other Fantagians but as I leveled ALOT up, got lots of new eCoined items, and made lots of friends I loved Fantage! I'm soooooo addicted to playing Fantage now. i left Kidscom but I still go on once in a long while to see my friends there and to see if anything had changed. That's Anitazen's Story of Fantage! XD :)

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