Uptown was a location on uptown and obviously where uptown is and the shop is called board shop and you can get all the boards you want.

Board ShopEdit

The Board Shop was where you could buy many types of hoverboards. Hoverboards were boards in which you could roam around Fantage on. They came in many sizes and shapes. The best hoverboards were for Premium Members only or required a certain amount of eCoins.

Jester's CostumesEdit

Jester's Costumes was a shop in which you could buy costumes. From animal costumes to cowboys, Jester's had all the types of costumes a Fantagian could find. Non Premium Members could mostly get animal costumes. eCoins were required for a Non Premium Member.

Vintage ShopEdit

The Vintage Shop was a place to buy items that have been available in the past. Most of the items were for premium members or required eCoins. Most of the items are from 2008-2010.

IDFone ShopEdit

The IDFone Shop was where all the fantagians could buy some items for their IDFone. They could choose from plenty of wallpapers and styles.

Ottoman's FurnitureEdit

Ottoman's Furniture was where many fantagians could buy furniture. Non Premium Members could get only a few furniture but could use eCoins.

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