This is Pearette, who is usually first in Real Time Rankings in most servers.

Hey Everyone out there.... I have found a new uprising fantagian! im surpirsed i havent seen her around alot considering her level...but i have met her a few times. her username is Pearette! I have NO idea what that stands for, but i liked it. so im making a page about it. She did give me information, and i also found out from Fantage's hall of fame.

User: Pearette

Level: 849 

She is one of the uncommon persons who doesnt use numbers in the username. She Has been on Fantage since April of  2009. She has 97% of all the Rare items and has some pet medals. She has been nominated as Fantagian of the week in Comet magazine once. She has all 65 pets, and has medals for almost all of the events 2009-2012. She has totaled ALOT of money spent on ecoins I believe. She was very nice and said she can be found in either White Seal, Blue Tiger, or Pear Parrot servers. She is planning on making a Youtube Drama series with Fantage friend Jaime2147. As you know, I dont own Fantage or any material. Ill post articles later.

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