Kitastrofe's IDFone


Like with other pages, write your Kitastrofe encounters here!

1) She was dressed in Pinkstardust's clothes and standing in the Hall of Fame in White Seal and some girl kept saying it was Pinkstardust so I went and it was Kita xD People were saying "Omg!" when they found out xDD

2.) I saw her with Glittery3, Sammy05, beckieboo03, and her boyfriend James (ex now) in Trade n Sell a while back.


3.) She's very defensive over her friends, I love that. she's incredibily sweet, and doesn't let anyone mess around with her. I recently found out she's 14.

SHES IMPROVED EVERYONE LOVES HER DRAWINGS OMGOMG 1 day i want her to notice me~ notice me senpai xDD

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