Kitastrofe is a high leveled Fantagian, currently a Pro in the Hall of Fame at Level 1,621. She is mostly famous for her  AWESOME fan arts that surprisingly only get "Other Winners", her level, and her Fantage Instagram, that has 2,000+ followers. Her Youtube is Kitastofe Cx/Kitastr0fe . She makes Fantage videos, GREAT speed paints, etc. Her tumblr is[http://] and her is (: she's super nice and very recently became more interactive with her followers and fans, thanks for that kita! She's extremely gorgeous, she could be a tumblr girl :o go look at her instagram! She is one of the few users with 2011 CashU Outfit!

EDIT: She has 2,053 followers!! Check out her art. You have to follow her, though. I wish you couldn't because it's so good to look at any time, but following is just a requirement!!!


Kitastrofe's IDFone



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