Jigsaw Jigsaw is a game in Retro Arcade.

Your objective is to match the jigsaw into the picture in a time limit. As you get higher up to levels, you will have to match more jigsaws (around 20) into more places. If the piece does not match it, it will go back into the place you had taken it from.

CAUTION: You may get addicted!

Make sure to have fun!

These are some tips:

  • Don't forget to keep your eyes on the time.
  • Once you put a piece in the right spot it will lock in place, so try moving pieces that aren't locked.
  • Try to have some fun, this game isn't for everyone so don't be sad if you mess up. There are plenty of other games on Fantage as well. (Some of them can be read about on this wiki!)

These are all the tips. Have fun!.

         ~Anonymous Author
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