Ever wondered how Pinkstardust, Civic_Princess, Princess_moomoo and more got a name? They weren't just "yoloswag647" that roamed Fantage, they actually DID SOMETHING, or some THINGS to become famous. Use these headings for help.

Pinkstardust: LevelEdit

Pinkstardust is famous for being 1st Place in the All-Time Hall of Fame. She's participated in EVERY event since she was first. Don't think you have a chance to reach Level 3,500 today? She'll quit eventually! But if getting 3,000 levels is too hard right now....

Civic_Princess: Blog, Level, CometEdit

Civic_Princess became famous in May 2009 for her blog with 130,000 hits and being in the Comet a lot. She got a little more famous for being first place right when the Hall of Fame came. Most people said "Hey, it's Civic!" 

Princess_moomoo: BlogEdit

Princess_moomoo owns the blog Fantageville with over 1 million views and counting. Her blog had less views than Blissswirl only in April 2013, and COMPLETELY dominated with over 230,000 hits. She and Casey_cow101 also beat Wind and Slippy, who owned the first Fantage blog ever: Beaten by 120,000+ hits. Why has Princess_moomoo's blog been more popular than any other? Well... her blog is the ONLY blog that has a list of ALL Fantage items; any other blog copied her. She has help on EVERYTHING, she posts about all events, blogging tips, FGC help, and more: something about her blog just wants you to visit everyday. THE BIGGEST SUCCESS: Fantageville is the type of blog that doesn't need a giveaway for every 100 hits to stay popular.

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