The Creature Arena is a place in Fantage (as mentioned above) that has a game, a shop, and a small arena. There is a path leading to the Fantage School as well. In the creature shop or whatever it is called, you can buy new 'creatures' to use inside the giant arena. There are many creatures/animals to choose from but most of them are for premium members. Inside the creature arena, you'll transform into the animal of your choice and you can start walking around and exploring. The Arena is divided into two halves, which are separated by a tiny river. To get across, you either use the bridge or the Public Transportation System. It looks like a cannon and is a bit hard to use. Every now and then some fruits and stars will spawn. All fruits have special effects. The orange makes you normal, the peach makes your invisible (or nearly invisible) and there is a nother fruit or two that makes you big and tiny. Outside the arena, you can find a few 'booths,' which include friendship bracelets, the photo booth, Moodies, pet-locked items, level-locked items, and double star coupons.

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