One of the most famous fantagians of all time. Much like yara_yara, crazycarly is known as a fashionista. She is often seen with pinkstardust, gianna4125, queen_bee, and mzcavs. It is rare to see crazycarly now a days on fantage. She is one of the first people to become known throughout fantage. she's very kind unless you get on her bad side. She's rarely on Fantage anymore due to real life things.  NOTE: Not much is known about Crazy Carly because she does not stay on Fantage for long periods of time, but if you ever see her, please ask her questions and add to this page! She probably will also tell you a joke and make you laugh so much so that's a warning 

^^^She seriously will.  I LOVE YOU B] <3 -Ash

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