Chandriler is an original royal that joined in the year of 2009 and played until 2015. She is nice and very supportive. She loves making new friends and you would of seen her hanging with her friends. She was loved by many and was one of the most influential Fantagians of her time. Her close friends included Allisonbear, Valeriatqm5, Xxsheryxx, Tmarx, Leonel2009, Civic_Princess, Cristina792, Meagan211, Lucy22120, Windysky, Saintsophie, Tyiscool, An_molly, Beautyanime, Powerstay, Tsuda2, Mombee, and _bridget_. Apparently Chandriler had some bad blood with both Pinkstardust and Gianna4125, although not much is known about this.

Chandrilers highest placement in the Hall of Fame was 2nd place (behind Pinkstardust). She had all items in the game before she quit in 2015. She has inactive Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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