• Smeggers123
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  • Junelovespie

    Fantage Information

    February 7, 2015 by Junelovespie

    Welcome to Fantage Information, This page Is for Information about users and Bloggers (: 1.Princess_Moomoo

    Princess_Moomoo Joined fantage In 2010 and then quit In 2011 and rejoined In 2012 and then started the blog {Fantageville}

    XchloeX: "Where did Moomoo get "Fantageville" from"?

    Well, Chloe :Fantageville: is from Playing Zynga games on facebook and one of the games name was "Build-A-Bear-Ville" and She got "Fantage" from the Game "Fantage" :D

    Giana193: "When did she start her blog?"

    Giana, Princessmoomoo started blogging In January 27, 2012 

    Reason: Quoting her "I created this blog on January 27, 2012, because I got extremely bored from just playing Fantage. Even before I created this blog, I found myself subconsciously storing tips in my hea…

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  • SafiaxFantagexLovex


    December 24, 2014 by SafiaxFantagexLovex
    As most of you know there is this girl around fantage know as "Redstardust" Pinkstardust's rival. She was sur​prisingly on real time hall of fame position before pinkstardust was she claims but redstardust has more to prove... Redstardust is a tween girl and she sadly quit fantage and deleted her account so if you do see her on fantage then it is a magical place because as pinkstardust said on her fantage interview (just to get it straight she didnt really say these exact word im putting them in summary) " Redstardust was my bestfriend but over the days,weeks,months, and years he drifted apart and we became rivals we always fought and we really didnt get along well these past years and im really sad about it so yeah." I hope you liked this…
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  • Peytoncupcake45

    hey guys today i figured out how to play the fantage bingo

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  • Mercedes1980


    September 10, 2014 by Mercedes1980

    Hello everone its Mercedes1980!  I am here to tell you some new things happening on! Their is this new thing called the fashion battle you can earn lots of stars. What you do is go against another player. Another new thing is Whuns. Whuns is what everybody on fantage call their boyfriends. Just host a whun tryout and get a new hottie! well those are some new things going on in fantage now Bye bye!

    BY User Mercedes1980

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  • 18kiusy2

    New daily spin prizes!

    February 1, 2014 by 18kiusy2

    There is now a brand new wheel of daily prizes! Most of them are just recolours of past items, though. Here is now a 200 star prize instead of a 20 star prize, and a 50 ecoin prize instead of 20. Now though, each ecoined spin costs 100 ecoins instead of 20!! I would recommend you not to waste your ecoins on the spin, since you get a free one every day!

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  • Jiko Sama


    January 28, 2014 by Jiko Sama

    herro peeps on here! Its the real jikorox. there is no one else with the same username. just search. :3 how's it goin? I just found this one day with a ton of people on it and I was like hmm let's make an account for it lol so I did. :)

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  • Iceycycle


    January 1, 2014 by Iceycycle


    This makes me think of Evie, on this wiki.

    She's saying all this stuff that I'm Fantagewikibot and spreading rumors about Glittery3. Nobody even said anything about her on this wiki besides that she's not famous. The only lie is that she's PSD's buddy. And she said I made a Glittery3 hate blog. It's probably too new because when I searched I can't find it. Who has time for hate blogs. Srsly.

    I just deleted Glittery from my list fair and square because nothing in our friendship even seems real. She and her friends hate me so why even keep her and all she takes me to are her friends and just ignores me from there? These steps are too obvious. It's too fake.


    edit: people (glittery and her friends) are also spreading ru…

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  • Iceycycle

    some pages i deleted

    January 1, 2014 by Iceycycle

    i deleted

    my page

    glittery's page

    glittery3 fights back (she didn't even reply what is this page)

    stop glittery3 hate

    glittery3 awareness

    MY PAGE: I feel like this wiki is falling apart and everyone hates me on this site

    GLITTERY3: It's all about her. She shouldn't even be on this wiki (nor I) because she's just any page that goes on Fantage.

    ^ FIGHTS BACK: Why do we need this page???

    ^ STOP G3 HATE: We should just make this People started hating because she was too overhyped for nothing. How did this even start, anyway?

    ^ AWARENESS: If someone quit, we can't make them come back. It's like on Dance Moms. Kelly left and the moms wanted her back. Kelly quit because she didn't want to be there anymore. It's her choice.

    So yeah we didn…

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  • Iceycycle


    December 30, 2013 by Iceycycle

    hey guys

    whats up

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  • Anita333

    Well..I'll tell you the whole story. I was on YouTube, watching videos of drama series when a couple of YouTubers got into the topic of Pinkstardust. They were talking hatefully about how mean Pinkstardust is. Trust me, I've never met Pinkstardust before and I heard she's a mean person. Okay, I get that she's mean and that some users dislike her but is it a good thing to post swear language about her on YouTube? It's okay to say she's mean because truly she is and say you don't like her because you don't but don't swear! I'm quite tired of hearing people say rude stuff about her. Once I was on a blog and people were cussing about Pinkstardust so I said this:"Don't be surprised if an admin blocks you because your swearing and cussing on blo…

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  • March12340

    Fantage news

    October 9, 2013 by March12340

    Its going to be a great fall season and why not stop by fantage on 10/10 to go to the festival theres no even but new realeses theres some new smiles cool new boards new hair and much more enter the youtube contest Theme:use the new expressions with ur friends Contest Details: -record your video upload it by octomber 14th email them at they will be listed in the screaning room  First prize (1 user) 20,000 ecoins 2nd (5 users) 10,000 ecoins 3rd (15 users) 5.000 ecoins GOOD LUCK FOR THAT!!!! Bye

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  • Ay108

    Hey Y'all

    January 25, 2013 by Ay108

    Hey peeps! i just joined wiki and i don't know tons about it. a friend (or a few!) would rule. let me tell u about me: 

    i love gymnastics and competitive dance. my friends say i am very pretty, sweet, caring, and popular (popular and pretty. . . i guess that's what THEY think. i don't. at all) i am very social, i'm a peace -maker,and i'm very easy to please. my pet peeve is racism. 

    ttyl! c ya l8r!

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  • Mercedes1229

    Civic princess

    November 16, 2012 by Mercedes1229

    hi everybody its mercedes1980 here with breaking news i have sad news civic_princess is not in hall of game pinkstardusy took over and An_molly was in 7th now is in 10th thats it for breaking news how do you feel about it?

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  • Lalagirl445

    well stay in touch! wear glitter skirts pink hats etc. and have some fun! the comfidence to do that is just to have fun have parties have sleepovers do something that makes you happy!!!!! and then it comes]. comfidence. that makes you happy and you can push yourself to do these things!!!!

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  • Rikki h2o9


    February 1, 2012 by Rikki h2o9

    superclubs is a cool game im really good at it i have 2000 credits

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  • Gleek62442

    Hi. I know there are only like 3 people in this Wiki and 3 anons, but if you see this, I need your opinion. Lately, we've been making pages (such as Civic_princess, Red_ninja). In my opinion, I don't think we need them. They just take up the whole Wiki. So, should we keep them?

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