Beano3 joined Fantage in between 2009-2010. No one really knows for sure what exact year. Her highest level reached was around 800. She lost her second year of membership, and lowered her level down to the high one hundreds and has still not redeemed her membership. Her fan base is around 90% of Fantage members. But the main question is, why is she famous? Well, alot of people believe she is the popular user, civic_princess. Others honor her for her personality, level, and her enermous invetory. Rumours say Bean quit Fantage. Some say she was tired of her fame, and thats why she quit. Last time she was spotted was October 13, 2014. It wouldn't seem that she would've quit, because that wasn't too long ago. The proof was posted on a Fantage blog, so it was not a scam. Many people search her favorite servers, White Seal and Yellow Yeti, trying to find her.

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